Here’s 5 Lies Your Senator Would Have to Believe to Vote for Steve Mnuchin



1.Steve Mnuchin’s bank did not robo-sign important foreclosure and legal documents in order to speed up foreclosures against thousands of families.

Definitely ignore the following:

2011 consent order that Steve Mnuchin signed as Chairman of OneWest Bank where the bank agreed to stop robo-signing

July 2009 deposition of Erica Johnson Seck, OneWest Vice President, where she admitted to robo-signing about 750 documents a week (spending around 30 seconds on each document)

New analysis from Ohio: Columbus Dispatch: Trump treasury pick Mnuchin misled Senate on foreclosures, Ohio cases show,

New analysis from Maine: Portland Press Herald: Maine robo-signing scandal resurfaces with Treasury nomination

2) Steve did not want to foreclose on over 16,000 seniors and their families.

This might be a little hard to swallow, since his new found concern about foreclosing on seniors only appeared to surface in 2015 in a mysterious letter he apparently sent to HUD (has anybody seen this yet?), and since he’s been foreclosing on reverse mortgages since he bought OneWest and its reverse mortgage subsidiary in March 2009.

Definitely don’t read about Financial Freedom moving to foreclose on a 90 year old for “non-occupancy” when she actually did live in her home. Or this story about Myrtle Lewis, aged 103, in Texas: 103-Year-Old North Texas Woman Fights To Keep Her House

3) State attorney generals have “no business” investigating banks that are servicing loans in their states.

Definitely don’t read David Dayen’s article about this 2013 investigation by attorneys in California’s Attorney General office that found evidence of “widespread misconduct” at OneWest Bank: The Intercept: Treasury Nominee Steve Mnuchin’s Bank Accused of “Widespread Misconduct” in Leaked Memo

4) OneWest never cut corners, and it was ALWAYS the homeowner’s fault when a foreclosure happened.

Do NOT read about these 700 lawsuits or about settlements like this: OneWest Bank pays 7 figures in mortgage fraud case

Definitely don’t read the stories of Heather, Christina, Sylvia, or Colleen who traveled to Washington DC to share their stories.

Don’t believe them when they say that OneWest’s incompetence played an instrumental role in them losing or almost losing their homes. And, do NOT read Paulina Gonzalez’ testimony citing mounds of research about OneWest’s problematic track record in following state and federal foreclosure laws.

5) It’s all HUD’s fault Steve Mnuchin is foreclosing on seniors

This includes women like Colleen Ison Hodroff, who is 84, and facing foreclosure despite promises that were made to her and her now deceased husband when they obtained their reverse mortgage loan.

Definitely don’t watch this Rachel Maddow segment on Colleen’s story.

The sad irony with Colleen’s case is that her reverse mortgage loan is not a HUD-insured reverse mortgage loan.

In other words, Mnuchin’s firm had no HUD rules to follow in Colleen’s case, but still started the foreclosure process against her, two weeks after her husband passed away, despite the promises made to her and her husband that she could remain in her home if he were to pass away.

Cognitive Dissonance is great, isn’t it?

If you think all of these things should disqualify Steve Mnuchin, here’s a handy link you can click on in order to call your senators.

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