Did Joseph Otting Attend Dartmouth?

Since he was nominated for Comptroller of the Currency, Joseph Otting has been in the news a lot- but not for the reasons you’d imagine.

In fact, it appears that perhaps his biography stretched the truth about his education, just a wee bit.

Bloomberg explains

“His biographical information from the White House lists him as a graduate of the “School of Credit and Financial Management at Dartmouth College,” which is a continuing-education program for financial executives that operated on the campus of the Ivy League institution, but isn’t actually affiliated with it. Records from the program, which is run for two weeks each year by the National Association of Credit Management, confirm that Otting graduated in 1992 when he was a mid-level manager at Union Bank in Beverly Hills, California.”

In other words, Mr. Otting did not graduate from Dartmouth College. Instead, he took a four week program (spread out over two years) that happened to rent space at Dartmouth.

Stay tuned for his confirmation hearings.  Should be interesting to hear how he talks about robo-signing, foreclosing on widowed homeowners with reverse mortgages, signing a consent order for bad mortgage servicing practices, learning about an $89 million DOJ settlement at the reverse mortgage subsidiary he used to oversee, and what his views are on banks redlining communities.

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